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Workshop with Henning Larsen Architects, Beirut - Suitable Public Institutions

As part of their series of workshops, Henning Larsen Architects held a workshop by the name of "IMAGINATION 3" - 3rd in a row of "imagination schools", in Beirut. The aim of IMAGINATION is to create a platform of cross-cultural dialogues between architecture students across the globe. The workshop brought together 35 architecture students from Copenhagen, Beirut and Damascus.

The title of the school was Suitable Cultural Institutions. And as its name suggests, the theme was to create cultural institutions in a urban fabric as complex as Beirut's,  all while imagining and recording the intangible in the city. In our search for the intagale perceptions, opinions and interests collided making the workshop more of an open discussion. After several days of touring around the city, sketching and discussing ideas, 5 major institutions were developed.  A corner, a flying carpet, an identity box, a unfolding map and an “unidentified instillation”.

A publication on the proceedings of the workshop and its outcome has been released.

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